Appealing a punishment



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    Appealing a punishment

    Post by Daniel on Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:02 pm

    If you think you have been punished unfairly then please follow the format below to create an appeal so a member of staff can help you

    Name of punished account:
    Reason why you were punished:
    What type of punishment: (Ban/mute etc)
    Link to the report thread(if applicable):
    Reason why it was wrongly given:
    Addition information:

    All appeals will be looked at thoroughly and by at least 2 members of staff who will then come to a decision on whether to lift the punishment or leave it in place.

    Please note - the member of staff who issued the first initial punishment will not be able to be part of the appeal and it will be analysed by two other members of the team, this keeps everything fair and stops anyone from making bias decisions.

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