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    Community Rules

    Post by Daniel on Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:42 pm

    I. Behavior and Respect

    • There is to be no direct flaming at a individual.
    • Oral judgements and/or bias based on race, gender, or creed are not tolerated.
    • The community deserves to show one another the utmost respect at all times by being accepting of all ideals and lifestyles.
    • You are not to impersonate staff members.
    • If an indicated staff member gives you a command within reasonable boundaries you are to follow their request without question.
    • Personal information of a individual is not to be released without that persons permission.
    • You are not to threaten another player with DDoS or hacking.
    • No advertising of other games or companies not affiliated with TPK.
    • If you encourage others to break rules you will be punished just as they are.
    • Excessive use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
    • Spamming is illegal if the timer is under 6 seconds.
    • Certain types of trolling may result in a punishment if the trolling personally offends a player, ruins a players time on the server or is not considered trolling to others.

    II. Real World Trading (RWT)

    • There is to be no buying or selling of TPK accounts, services, or gold - for gold or real world money.
    • Trade of 3rd party items are not allowed to be organised via TPK communication.
    • Trade of any sort of item from TPK for another servers items is not allowed.

    III. Macro use and/or botting

    • No form of third party software should be used in order to achieve an unfair advantage.
    • The account's owner must be in active control of the account at all logged on instances.
    • The only acceptable third party software is a auto-typer which must be set to 10+ second pauses.
    • No spam voting.
    • Not allowed to make multiple accounts purely for the Skill Points.

    IV. Hacking

    1. Any form of unauthorised admission into an account is referred to as hacking and is a serious offence.
    2. All instances of use of phishing sites and/or key logging programs are not allowed.

    V. Bug abuse

    • If a glitch is found it must be reported immediately in full detail to a staff member.
    • Using bugs/glitches more than once thereby achieving an unfair advantage is not allowed.
    • Attempting to or successfully duplicating items via glitches is strongly prohibited.

    VI. Multiple log ins

    • Players are not to make multiple accounts to incite drama (such as by slandering other players using satirical names), impersonate players, staff and other reputable users (this extends beyond the TPK community), cease game services, evade restrictions (such as the yell timer) and/or cause visual disturbances.
    • You are not permitted to do any type of account sharing. If you are quitting and think about giving away the account, it is within' the grounds of the staff team to ban the account from access of other players

    VII. Donating

    • No refunds will be given for loss of donated items due to regulatory game play circumstances such as dying in-game.
    • Refunds may be given if sufficient evidence of the game malfunctioning is indicated on a report ticket.
    • Threatening or attempting to charge-back payment funds will result in permanent blacklist and/or account deletion with no chance of refunds.
    • Interpretation of this rule is determined on a case by case basis by the enforcing staff member and can include even indirect, vague threats of attempts to charge-back

    VIII. Miscellaneous game rules

    • If a serious offence is committed on one account, you may be punished on any additional alternate accounts.
    • Giving away over 50T worth of items is not allowed. (Prevents issues with stolen/sold accounts)
    • Luring is not allowed.
    • PKP farming is not allowed and will result in a wilderness ban.
    • No scamming.
    • Players may make suggestions for future staff changes privately only (via PM to administrators) however doing so in-game, via forum threads, or utilising yell or large public clan chat channels is not permitted and will actually hurt the intended players chance at promotion.
    • Players are not permitted to use languages other than English on yell/global chat.

    IX. Forum regulations

    • All of the above rules which apply to communication apply to the forum.
    • No grave digging - replying to a thread which is no longer active.
    • Be sure to search before you post to avoid multiple of the same question/guide/conversation.
    • You are allowed to bump your own post once every 24 hours, three total time.
    • If you a punished in-game and feel compelled to flame on forums, this will not online land you from being banned via forums, but as well earn a longer punishment in-game as well.

    X: Staff Regulations

    • All staff must follow the above rules just as a regular player.
    • Abuse of powers in order to provide an unfair advantage for yourself or another player is prohibited and will result in a impeachment of the position.
    • You must concur with all of the rules and be familiar with them.
    • Players deserve the utmost respect especially from their superiors.
    • Lower administration is to report to all of the higher ranking of their kind.
    • Failure to report a malicious activity may cause impeachment from your position.

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